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Taking a MEF Beta Certification Exam

Important Aspects and Guidance Before Your Sign Up

Taking a MEF beta-level certification exam offers a first-look at a new certification, and helps MEF validate the questions, determine a passing score, and is an important validation of an accurate and trustworthy skills validation exam. If you are prepared to take a MEF beta exam, it can be a wonderful experience and a great bargain.

Why Is This a Beta Exam?
MEF builds all of its certification exams to a strict standard that is guided by international standards for IT certifications (ISO/IEC 17024). We must validate that questions are worded correctly (especially for non-native speakers of English), that they are clear and not ambiguous, and that they are neither too easy (everyone gets a question right) nor too difficult (no one gets a question right). That’s why we need beta exam testers of a statistically significant number.

We offer a discount off the retail price of $420 on the exam because you have to be prepared on your own. Training materials have not been developed yet (the training companies need the final exam blueprint, which is generated AFTER the beta results are all in), so you really need to know these domains and be self-directed. Additionally, we will have additional questions on the beta exam. You will have 90 questions to answer, and you will be allowed additional time, 2 hours, to complete the beta exam. 

Does the Beta Exam Count the Same as a Production Release Exam?
Absolutely. There may be a few extra questions, so you will get a little extra time. We want you to give us feedback on any item that might be unclear, any diagram that may be inaccurate, or anything else that could help us improve. That’s extra work, for sure! We eliminate all the questions that have problems, and if you have a passing score (usually around 65%), you get a real MEF certification that is good for the normal three-year period. It’s a bargain, if you know what you are doing.

Who SHOULD Take the Beta Exam?

  • People who really know SDN AND NFV (not just one of the other)
  • People who have real SDN/NFV experience
  • People who are self-starters, see a bargain and are willing to work independently to prepare (there are no training companies presently offering training to get you ready for a beta)
  • People who can take the exam without much preparation. We are only able to take the first 100 (first-come, first serve) to take the test.

Because we analyze the results and run a lot of statistical analyses on them, you will not get a result for your exam until late May or early June. So, patience is important, too.

  • The exam costs $420 retail in May 2018, and there will be training providers to help you. If you are not prepared and spend $210 to take the exam and don’t pass, that will not be good.

Who SHOULD NOT Take the Beta Exam?

  • If you need to pass this exam for your job, and you don’t know SDN/NFV from an operation standpoint (real experience), this exam is not for you.
  • If you can’t follow the MEF-SDN/NFV exam blueprint as it currently is written (draft mode) and self-study, this is not your exam.
  • If you have never taken a beta exam in virtualized networking before, this is probably not the time to start.
  • Caveat emptor in Latin means, “let the buyer beware.” We want you to do well on the exam, but we really want to make sure you are prepared adequately to take and pass the exam.

If you have any questions or doubts, please ping MEF Certification Director Rick Bauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to chat about it.

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