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Welcome to the MEF Certified Professionals Registry. The MEF professional certification program is designed for telecommunication professionals seeking to validate their expertise, skills and knowledge in a variety of technologies, standards, services and applications. Certification is awarded to individuals that successfully pass MEF administered tests developed by distinguished leaders and subject matter experts in the telecommunications industry. The Combined MEF Certified Processional programs have certified 5783 individuals in 84 countries and 439 employer organizations.

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To remain current with the latest standards and work of the MEF, MEF certified professionals need to retake each exam for which they are certified every three years in order to maintain their active status on the registry shown below. The full certification expiration policy can be viewed here.

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Name Status Exam Certification Date Company Country Locator
younes zeroual Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-12-03


Canada Canada
Yves Mariano Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-04-25


Brazil Brazil
Zach Cole Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-10-17

Kansas Fiber Network

United States United States
Zach Johnson Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-06-13

Level 3 Communications

United States United States
Zaenal Arifin Inactive MEF-CECP 2012-12-06

PT Indosat

Indonesia Indonesia
Zaheer Ismail Inactive MEF-CECP 2012-11-09

Liquid Telecommunications

South Africa South Africa
Zahrin Bin Sojah Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-12-12

Starhub Ltd

Singapore Singapore
Zbigniew Tomczak Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-09-25


Poland Poland
Zenon Gabriel Cespedes Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-10-18

Crown Castle Fiber

United States United States
Ziad Akl-Chedid Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-09-20

Accedian Networks

Canada Canada
Ziad Akl-Chedid Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-10-24

Accedian Networks

Canada Canada
Ziad Kassab Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-04-10


Canada Canada
Ziquan Pan Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-02-27


China China
Ziyuan Zhao Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-02-28

Efiniti Telecommunications Services

Australia Australia
zoran marinkovic Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-09-26


Switzerland Switzerland
Zsolt Hegedus Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-09-25


Zul Fadli Inactive MEF-CECP 2014-04-04

Epsilon Telecommunications Ltd

Singapore Singapore
Zwe Mahn Moe Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-01-31


Singapore Singapore
Łukasz Jastrzębski Inactive MEF-CECP 2013-03-22

ADVA Optical Networking

Poland Poland
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