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MEF Network Foundations (MEF-NF) is the vendor-neutral certification that tests at a conceptual knowledge level on the major domains of software-driven networking, including SDN, NFV, Carrier Ethernet, other connectivity services and Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO).

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Numerous industry professionals require a concept level understanding of a broad set of contemporary networking topics, yet do not require in-depth technical training and/or certifications. MEF-NF validates at a concept, versus a deep technical level, the key terms, processes, and elements of today’s programmable networks, which makes it suitable for wide range of individuals seeking a recognized, foundational credential in networking. Target candidates include sales and product marketing professionals, OSS/BSS personnel, technicians and more technical professionals broadening knowledge beyond their current core competency. For example, a network engineer may want to gain an understanding of LSO as automation plays an increasingly important role in the networks of the future.

MEF-NF and the MEF Professional Certification Framework

MEF-NF is positioned as a foundation certification within the MEF Professional Certification Framework. Earning two professional-level certifications within the MEF Professional Certification Framework including: MEF-SDCP (SD-WAN), MEF-CECP (Carrier Ethernet) and MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV), earns industry professionals the coveted MEF NETWORK EXPERT status.

Candidates and Companies that Should Consider MEF-NF Certification

The MEF-NFCP was developed to fill the need for those who market, sell, and support these networks to be familiar at a conceptual level with the elements, functions, deployment, and management of these networks.

The list of ideal candidates for this certification includes:

  • Sales and Pre-Sales
  • Network Technicians
  • Product Marketing and Management
  • NOC 1st and 2nd Level Support Staff
  • Line of Business Managers and Executives
  • Program Managers
  • Network Analysts
  • Systems Administrators
  • Network Consultants
  • Those professionals wishing to achieve MEF Network Expert status, which requires two professional-level certifications.

Companies to benefit by training and certifying their employees to MEF-NFCP include:

  • Communications and Cloud Service Providers planning modernized networks and services
  • Medium to Large Enterprises with digital transformation strategies that require the fundamentals of service provider offerings and underlying technologies
  • Technology Solution Providers that wish to instill a baseline understanding of key networking principals across the organization
  • System Integrators and Consultants delivering recommendations and solutions across a broad range of networking subject matter areas

MEF-NF Certification Benefits

MEF-NF Benefits for Individuals

  • Recognize your vendor-neutral network skills globally and expand your career opportunities
  • Prepare yourself to join industry stakeholders develop, deliver and consume new generations of dynamic services across automated networks.
  • Broaden the scope of your network expertise and build the foundation for deeper, technical training and certifications
  • Be out front and align your competencies with MEF 3.0, the transformational global services framework gaining momentum, supported by major operators and technology providers alike
  • Connect to the global MEF Community, with 200+ member companies, 6000+ certified all professionals in 85 countries
  • A significant milestone towards the Network Expert credential

MEF-NF Benefits for Companies

  • CSPs: Impart the baseline network across your organization, needed to participate in the development, sell and delivery of the latest generation of network and cloud services
  • Enterprises: The network is critical to your digital transformation and the technologies involved can be daunting - get a solid baseline understanding of networking fundamentals for your entire team, with deeper dives to follow for technical specialists
  • Technology Suppliers, Consultants and Integrators: Position your company to win network-related business with certified skills and improve your marketing message
  • All: Help recruit and retain the best and the brightest by offering the valuable, globally recognized MEF training and certifications

Exam Topics

This certification exam presupposes foundational knowledge in networking practices. It is an entry-level certification examination for technical professionals asserting concept-level mastery of five knowledge concept domains: SDN, NFV, LSO/Orchestration, Carrier Ethernet and the Software-Driven Network Vision.

Candidates capable of passing the exam should understand:

  • Definitions of SDN and NFV, characteristics of SDN and NFV solutions, evolution, benefits, challenges in deployment, scenario & implementation analysis, understanding the components involved in an SDN or NFV solution
  • Definitions of LSO/Orchestration, deployment aspects of orchestrated solutions, benefits and challenges in this domain
  • The major building blocks of connectivity services, benefits and challenges in deployment, and how a scenario can leverage carrier-based connectivity services
  • Key components and characteristics of modern network technologies.
  • The benefits, and what are the challenges in deploying software-enabled systems?
  • How SDN, NFV, Carrier Ethernet, and LSO/Orchestration can be leveraged

Please see the exam highlights and the exam blueprint for more exam information.

Training, Self-Study and Costs

MEF Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATP’s) offer training course and certification exams on a global basis. Click here for a list of MEF-ATPs and additional information. Over 90% of MEF Certified Professionals were formally trained by MEF-ATPs before taking an exam.

Self-study is available to anyone and recommended only for those with multiple years of relevant networking experience or for advance preparation for a formal training offered by MEF-ATPs. Self-study sources include the MEF-NF Exam Blueprint and self-study options available through MEF-ATPs.

Cost for this MEF Professional Certification Exam is only US$350.00. Re-take attempts (two within 6 months of first exam) are $100 each. Re-certification is required every three years at a cost of $300. Individual MEF-ATP's may bundle exam prices with training costs.

Candidate Recognition

Candidate Recognition
  • If you already have foundation knowledge of the exam blueprint is a primary reference and is updated when a formal update to the exam takes place approximately twice per year. In that blueprint are key areas of study including reference materials.
  • If you are not familiar with these technologies, the MEF Network Foundations (MEF-NF) training and exam is the place to start. Training providers are listed in the Education and Training resources on this site.


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  • My colleagues respect my opinion now that I've achieved certification.
  • The training and certification has enable me to make better decisions and speak more authoritatively.
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  • The training I received has enabled me to be more effective at finding solutions, and the certification is proof of my knowledge on this topic.

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