MEF-SDCP (SD-WAN) Exam Blueprint (June 2022)

01 SD-WAN Concepts, Business Benefits and Value Proposition 16.55%
01.01 - Compare and contrast infrastructure and operational benefits of SD-WAN with legacy solutions
01.02 - Given a scenario, recommend and justify an SD-WAN strategy based on customer requirements
01.03 - Given a scenario, recommend a migration strategy from existing infrastructure to an SD-WAN service
01.04 - Demonstrate knowledge of the SD-WAN terminology, concepts, and Service Attributes
02 Planning, Design, and Architecture 33.81%
02.01 - Given a scenario, define the correct Application Flow Specifications needed to meet the Business Requirement
02.02 - Given a scenario, design the Policies needed to meet the Business Requirement
02.03 - Given a scenario, design the architecture of an SD-WAN Service that meets the Business Requirement
02.04 - Select the appropriate Underlay Connectivity Service for an SD-WAN network based on the types and characteristics of available options
02.05 - Given a scenario, partition the subscriber's IP hosts in Zones and assign Zone-wide Policies based on Business Requirements
02.06 - Design the appropriate Virtual Topology to meet a particular application scenario
02.07 - Based on Business Requirements, determine the appropriate use of Internet Breakout
03 Deploy, Optimize, Maintain 20.86%
03.01 - Given a scenario, validate the correct definition and assignment of Policies to Application Flows
03.02 - Given a scenario, tune SD-WAN Service Attributes and/or UCS selection to address service problems
03.03 - Based on application requirements, determine the appropriate Performance Metrics and values for Application Flows
03.04 - Identify service improvements to increase availability for a specific Application Flow
03.05 - Demonstrate knowledge of IP Addressing and IP Routing
04 Securing an SD-WAN Service 15.83%
04.01 - Understand the situations in which a Middle Box Function is necessary
04.02 - Given a security threat, select the appropriate security functions to mitigate the threat
04.03 - Understand how to use allow and block lists for a particular security function
04.04 - Given a scenario, determine whether an Application Flow's security requirements are met
05 Monitoring an SD-WAN Service 12.95%
05.01 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot issues with an SD-WAN Service
05.02 - Understand the Service Readiness requirements for an SD-WAN Service
05.03 - Given a scenario, determine how to monitor the performance metrics for an SD-WAN service
05.04 - Understand the use of Threshold Crossing Alerts for an SD-WAN service
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