Code of Conduct - Diversity & Inclusion


Professional Exam Services LLC, the exam services provider to MEF, is an equal opportunity employer and we ensure individuals have the same opportunities for employment and promotion based on their ability, qualifications and suitability for the work.

Our approach to ethics, behavior and corporate standards makes us stand out from our competition for those choosing an offshoring partner. Our operations aim not only to increase profitability but also to improve the quality of life of our employees, to provide value to the business and our clients and to positively contribute to the community.

To do so, we aim to create a safe, respectful and inclusive place of work so our people can contribute to living our corporate values, improving our global brand and achieving sustainable business results.


This Code of Conduct defines the overriding principles as follows:

  • Diversity - The quality of being different or unique as an individual or group, including but not limited to age, race, religion, ethnicity, color,  physical features, sex, sexual preference/orientation, gender identity/expression, language differences, nationality or national origin, family or marital status, physical, mental and development abilities, socioeconomic status, education, work and behavioral styles, political affiliation, etc. May also refer to different ways of thinking and ways of working.
  • Inclusion - A strategy to leverage diversity to ensure employees have equality of opportunity in the workplace without any impediments due to diversity characteristics as stated above.

Code of Conduct

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our corporate values of Ambition, Collaboration, Impact, Judgement, Leadership, Leverage, Passion and Transparency, and is reflected in our global Code of Conduct.

The objective of this Diversity and Inclusion Code of Conduct is to articulate proper behavior and accountabilities, reinforcing respect for each other. We’re committed to enforcing and evolving this code over time.

This Code of Conduct applies to interactions in our shared professional lives, including daily office encounters, shared online spaces (e.g. Workplace), social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), conferences or other events where we represent Pro Exam Services.


  • Communicate respectfully with all colleagues, regardless of title or level.  Are mindful of remote communication, where opportunities as misunderstanding are greater. Use video communication when it makes sense; since face-to-face discussion benefits from all social cues that may be absent with other forms of communication.
  • Behave in a way that does not offend, intimidate, degrade, insult or humiliate others. This includes jokes, banter, ridicule or taunts.
  • Are generous in giving and accepting feedback. Feedback is an important part of our culture. Good feedback is kind, respectful, clear, and constructive and focused on goals and values rather than personal preferences.
  • Understand and act upon the fact that what may be acceptable to one person may not be to another.
  • Go out of our way and across cultures to include people in casual, conversational or work-related team interactions. Avoid slang or idioms that might not translate across cultures or be deliberate in explaining them to share our diverse cultures and languages.
  • Are respectful of time zones. Embrace habits that are inclusive and productive for team members wherever they are, using asynchronous  communication tools (i.e. non-real time) and pay attention to time zones when scheduling meetings.
  • Challenge poor practice in others, helping to promote good practice and create change (e.g. don’t ignore inappropriate banter, jokes, etc.)
  • Personally commit to self-improvement. If approached as having acted in a way that has offended another, listen with an open mind and do better.


  • Seeks to ensure that there is no discrimination towards or against employees of diverse attributes in relation to the recruitment, remuneration and promotion of all employees.
  • Exhibits strong leadership, taking personal responsibility for progressing equality, diversity and inclusion and achieving results.
  • Conducts regular remuneration reviews to identify any gender pay gaps, attract and develop female talent and educate our leaders about gender equality.
  • Invests in the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our employees through ongoing education around inclusion and diversity initiatives.
  • Encourages transparent and cooperative discussion on flexible work arrangements, where appropriate to accommodate employees needs

Exclusionary behaviors, which may include incivility, bullying and workplace violence, discriminate and isolate individuals and groups who are different, whereas inclusive behaviors encourage diversity.

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