Subject Matter Experts

Recognizing Subject Matter Experts

A MEF SME is a person who exhibits exceptional and authoritative knowledge in a given topic area. They are an ambassador to the industry and an influencer to peers.

MEF has established a program that is one step beyond the MEF Professional Certification program. While becoming a MEF Network Expert is a requirement to enter the MEF SME program, there are additional achievements required to enter, but first let's review the substance of the program...

The purpose of the MEF SME program is to:

  • Advance the interests of the MEF through utilization of talented pool of knowledgeable individuals interested in personal, professional and organizational industry impact
  • Increase the transformative influence of SME participation to the industry by their work at the MEF
  • Gain efficiencies in the time and effort in the authoring, approval and deployment of MEF standards to the industry.
  • Lower project costs, delivering project tasks more quickly, more accurately, and more thoroughly.
  • Increase the awareness to the industry of substantial benefits of MEF credentialed SMEs

Subject Matter Experts are highly regarded:

  • They are the knowledge foundation for the development, maintenance and ongoing integrity of the MEF Professional Certification exams.
  • Provide expertise in specific topic areas, or domains, utilized in the development, review, analysis, approval of exam questions
  • Provide efficiency gains in the time and effort in the authoring, approval and deployment of MEF standards to the industry.
  • and are a significant asset to the MEF exam vetting process

Levels of participation

  • Vetted and approved MEF SMEs, having achieved a set threshold for integrity and performance:
  • May participate as a reviewer MEF Accredited Training provider (MEF-ATP) course content
  • May participate in the development of MEF ProCERT exam certification blueprints, guidelines and standards.
  • May be presented with additional opportunities depending on the current and ongoing projects in the program

Time Commitment

  • Participating/collaborating with MEF staff, industry-leading psychometricians and MEF SMEs
  • Minimum commitment of time (~4 hours/mo.)
  • Exam proposal development (leads to exam development requirements)
  • Participate in scheduled item writing workshop(s) (minimum 7 of 10)
  • Author/Co-author 10 authentic questions in each workshop
  • SMEs are often required to sign off on the documents or training developed, checking it for technical accuracy.
  • An SME may be asked to participate in vetting exams (i.e. Beta etc.) prior to an exams formal release.

Exam Question Item Writing

  • MEF Professional Certification Exams are created by a team of MEF a designated psychometrician, MEF lead, and a team of SMEs.
  • During exam item development workshops, the MEF lead and designated psychometrician interviews the SME team to extract information in the form if exam items (questions) suitable for the selected audience, adding to the pool of available questions for vetting and final inclusion into a published MEF exam.

Mentoring for mutual success

  • A subject matter expert is a leader and expected to mentor and lead others in the discovery and evolution of a mutually beneficial goal
  • SMEs are asked to participating in leading discussions and sessions in areas of their own expertise
  • SMEs are requested to mentor and assist others in the development of their own skills assisting them in reaching their own personal goals of becoming a MEF SME.

Knowledge and Skills transfer

  • SMEs offer a proven level of knowledge and skill uniquely qualify them as a mentor/teacher to others new or unfamiliar with MEF work.
  • SMEs should seek to remain one step ahead of the crowd by offering their knowledge and expertise to others seeking to achieve a similar status. By this, the SME takes the next step in becoming an SME in an advisory role.

Accelerate the Industry

  •  The SME gains proof of their contribution through engagement in the processes, learning by participation and collaboration, leading and teaching by example
  • The SME continues to accel in all aspects of their career having gained unique knowledge, new skills, new working relationships, and ability to contribute and lead on a larger scale on strategic projects

Recognition for participation

  • Receives uniquely designated MEF ProCERT Subject Matter Expert logo
  • Receives uniquely designated MEF ProCERT Subject Matter Expert Certificate
  • Receives a written letter of appreciation signed by the MEF President
  • Highlighted to MEF Member Community as a MEF ProCERT SME on the MEFProCERT site.
  • Provided opportunity for participation as a contributor to MEF Technical and Marketing programs
  • Provided opportunity for participation as a presenter/speaker on behalf of MEFProCERT at MEF Webinars and select events

Requirements for participation

  • Must be a MEF Network Expert with "Active" standing in the certifications you hold
  • A candidate SME must meet the current minimum performance threshold set by the Director of the MEF ProCERT program
  • The SME must complete the MEF SME 'Skills Matrix' and review and sign a MEF NDA and MEF SME Agreement.

If you are a MEF Network Expert having at least two MEF Professional level certifications with an active status please reach out to Kirby Russell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more details.

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