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Accredited Training Providers

Get a quick start on your MEF Professional Certifications with instructor-led education! More than 80% of successfully certified candidates use MEF Accredited Training providers.

MEF has developed a network of Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATPs) to provide MEF-CECP, MEF-SDCP, and MEF-SNCP training in preparation for certification. These industry subject matter experts are audited through MEF's accreditation processes to ensure that their courseware meets or exceeds the requirements for their students to achieve MEF Professional Certifications.

Self Study

MEF has streamlined self-study for MEF-SDCP (SD-WAN). Visit here for self-study reference materials, tips and more.

For all MEF professional certification exams MEF provides MEF technical specificationswhite papers and other reference materials which are placed on the MEF Reference Wiki.  The Reference Wiki includes a compilation of the MEF technical specifications and covers the essentials of the topics covered on the related exam topics in an easy to navigate format with direct links to further study materials.   It also contains a gallery of diagrams used by the MEF, a glossary of terms, and a consolidated list of links to all reference documents.  The "Exam Blueprints" are of foremost interest and on this site you will find links to these resources.

MEF Accredited Training Providers

Instructor–led training through an MEF Accredited Training Provider (MEF-ATP) is the preferred and utilized by more than 80% of successful MEF-CECP candidates. This option enables more thorough yet focused coverage of the study materials, and as such can be a time saving preparation alternative for busy professionals.

MEF has developed a network of Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATPs) to provide training for MEF Certified Professional exams. These industry subject matter experts have each been audited by MEF to ensure that their courseware meets or exceeds the requirements for their students to achieve certification.

Most MEF-ATPs offer class training, or private onsite for corporate group training in almost any location worldwide. Most will also administer the MEF exams immediately following their training class.

While the MEF accreditation program verifies the basic competency of the training companies, there are a number of individual factors—including the number of MEF Certified Professionals taught by the MEF-ATP, the cumulative pass rate, length, and tuition cost of the course—that the MEF does not regulate and should be considered when evaluating a MEF-ATP company.

Why study with an MEF-ATP rather than going at it alone?

  • MEF-ATP training programs range from three to five days. This significantly reduces your study time.
  • Learn from subject matter experts that have been audited and are regularly monitored by MEF.
  • Nothing beats an interactive, instructor-led learning experience!
Accredited Training Providers

  • The training and certification I took gives me confidence performing my job.
  • My colleagues respect my opinion now that I've achieved certification.
  • The training and certification has enable me to make better decisions and speak more authoritatively.
  • Now that I achieved certification, I've become a bit of the go-to person for network-related issues.
  • The training I received has enabled me to be more effective at finding solutions, and the certification is proof of my knowledge on this topic.

MEF Premier Accredited Training Providers



Attention MEF Corporate Program Members let Lumious guide your team towards MEF certification to meet your commitment to excellence through MEF Professional Certification!

They have unique solutions that take you from MEF’s self-study materials into our Digital Mentoring Program for those looking for a self guided approach. For those who prefer classroom delivery they offer open enrollment classes or private training for your team. Additionally, they offer course customization to go along with their training solutions, which helps ensure you pass MEF's Professional Certification exams.

For more than 25 years, Lumious (formerly known as Tech 2000) has worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop and deliver solutions to support their IT training needs. Their customers have long relied upon their quality training solutions and have leveraged their technology expertise as a MEF Accredited Training Provider, an Apple Authorized Training Provider (AATP), and a Cisco Learning Partner.

Lumious has been a MEF-ATP since 2011 and delivers Next Generation Learning with their experts in MEF's 3.0 Global Services Framework. Their offerings include the MEF-CECP, MEF-SDCP, and MEF-SNCP certification courses in all learning modalities.

Lumious also offers a pass guarantee. Should a student take the exam within 30 days of attending their course and not pass his or her exam on the first attempt, a second voucher will be provided. For their open enrollment training schedule, click here or give us a call at 703.467.8600

Click the blue button below if you'd like us to contact you about our course options, scheduling, pricing etc.

Learning Modalities include: High Quality Live Virtual, Digital eLearning and Self-Study Options.

The Academy


Become an Expert! The Academy provide core training in all of MEF’s areas of technical standardization including its defining work in Carrier Ethernet and new applications of Software Defined Networking (SDN), SDWAN, Orchestration and Secure Access at the Service Edge (SASE) security.  We have one purpose and it’s our passion. We provide the highest caliber, most complete and insightful telecommunications technical training anywhere to help you achieve MEF’s Network Expert Certification.

The Academy is the coming together of two MEF-focused training institutions – The Carrier Ethernet (CEA) and SDWAN Academies. CEA has been MEF’s leading Accredited Training Partner with over 6,000 alumni and an award-winning course design, earning MEF’s Accredited Training Partner of the Year award two years running.  All of our training course material is developed by the creator of the MEF Professional Certification Program, co-author of the MEF-CECP exam questions, and 10-year term member of the MEF Board of Directors.

The Academy offers the following training courses:

  • MEF-CECP Boot Camp - preparing students for MEF-CECP certification
  • SDWAN Boot Camp - preparing students for both the MEF-SNCP and MEF-SDCP certifications with the single course - taking you from novice to MEF Network Expert—the highest level of recognition provided by MEF for Certified Professionals—in 1 week.

For more information on The Academy’s MEF-CECP and SDWAN Boot Camp training, please visit our website www.mef.academy.

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  • MEF Accredited Curriculum: MEF SD-WAN (MEF-SDCP) Training Course
  • MEF Accredited Curriculum: MEF-CECP Bootcamp

Perpetual Solutions

A Complete Range of MEF Certified Live Virtual Classes and Self-Paced Online Learning.
With a complete range of MEF certified live virtual classes and self-paced online learning, Perpetual Solutions will keep your learning & development plans on track during these uncertain times during which physical classes are not possible.

Founded in 1999, we are an inaugural member of the MEF-ATP program with unrivalled experience delivering SD-WAN (MEF-SDCP), SDN/NFV (MEF-SNCP), and Carrier Ethernet (MEF-CECP) to service providers, operators, vendors, systems integrators and enterprises in 60+ countries. With over 20 practical hands-on labs for SDN/NFV & Openstack including multiple controller types, virtualization, use-cases including BGP-LS, OVS & Service Function Chaining, Python scripting and DevOpS, you can add on engineering skills in our live virtual classes that will make a difference to your project.

Private Group virtual events and customized online programs can be created for entire organizations with all you need from C-level briefings by industry recognized experts through to workshops for network engineers & architects, product managers, software developers, IT Infrastructure, technical sales and non-technical roles.

These customized programs deliver knowledge in multiple formats, standardizing skillsets to embed a ‘common language’ across the organization. In fast changing technical landscapes delivering knowledge that enables workforce collaboration is critical for future success.

Enquire today for more information & receive access to a special 30 minute preview of our self-paced online learning or live virtual classes plus MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) 10-question exam style samplers written by Yoav Cohen, MEF Outstanding Contributor.

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MEF Accredited Training Providers

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