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MEF-SDN/NFV Professional CertificationMEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional skills certification is the first ISO-standard exam that validates knowledge, skills, and abilities in the domains of SDN and NFV. Expertly designed to validate the practitioner-level technical skills of SDN and NFV network/telecom operators and engineers, this exam is available for registration now.

MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional will validate that s/he has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to leverage a complete range of solutions in both SDN & NFV. The examination blueprint available here and is arranged into the three major steps of networking deployment. 

Exam Title: MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional

Exam Description: MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional

Exam Availability:  NOW

Exam Details: 80 questions in 120 minutes and an estimated passing score of 64% (scores determined after beta exam).

Exam Delivery: Delivered electronically via secure login, on-site proctoring by qualified proctor or through remote proctor (no additional fee). Exam currently available in English only.

Credential Awarded: MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional (MEF-SDN/NFV) upon passing the exam. Valid for 3 years.

Exam Purpose: Exam validates that the successful candidate has practitioner-level knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, build, and operate complex SDN and NFV solutions. Exam validates areas listed on the examination blueprint to be available soon.

Prerequisites: Presupposes foundational knowledge in computer networking practices, and concept-level awareness of SDN and NFV technologies. Recommended certification: MEF Network Foundations Certified Professional.

Preferred Candidates: IT professionals including the following:

  • Telecom and Network Operators
  • System Administrators
  • Technical Support Professionals
  • Technical Marketing and Technical Sales Professionals
  • IT Pros who need vendor-neutral, expanded technology skill set to complement their vendor-specific network certifications

Training & Study Available: Several MEF Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATP’s) will be offering training soon. Click here for details on our Accredited Training Providers.

Cost: Retail US$420 ($320 until Sept 15, 2018)

Next Steps: Begin your journey to mastery by learning SDN and NFV, and transform your own career today. You’ll be glad you did!

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