MEF Network Expert

The Standard of Excellence and Recognition in Software-Driven Networking

MEF recognizes the industry professionals who undertake the challenging path of earning skills certification in the MEF Professional Certification Framework.  For those who persevere and earn two or three professional-level certifications including MEF-CECP, MEF-SDCP or MEF-SNCP, we award the designation of MEF Network Expert.

What are the Requirements of MEF Network Expert?
The requirements are simple:  Pass two professional-level certification exams and you are automatically awarded MEF Network Expert certification status.  Your MEF Network Expert designation remains in affect as long as both certifications are maintained with an "Active" status.  Additional Network Expert designations are currently in development - stay tuned.

What is the Cost of the MEF Network Expert?
MEF Network Expert status can not be purchased.  The designation is automatically given based upon completing and maintaining multiple professional-level MEF Certified Professional Certifications. 

Are there any entitlements and rewards associated with the Network Expert designation?
As in all MEF Professional Certifications, the MEF Network Expert is provided the following:

  • Display of your Network Expert achievement on the home page of the MEFProCERT.com web site.
  • Designation of your MEF Network Expert status in the exclusive "Network Experts" Registry
  • 100% Network Expert achievement status in the MEF Certified Professional Registry
  • Display of your MEF Network Expert certificate and MEF Network Expert logo in your unique Professional Certification profile
  • Downloadable MEF Network Expert certificate and MEF Network Expert logo in your unique Professional Certification profile
  • Your Network Expert status is uniquely displayed on your attendance badge at MEF Meetings.

  • An opportunity to serve in leadership roles in community activities.
  • Qualify for MEF Certified Professional of the Year at annual MEF Awards
  • Invitation to specific MEF events
  • Qualify as contributor to MEF ProCERT blog
  • Participation as a MEFProCERT Subject Matter Expert on future MEF professional certification exams
  • and more...

The MEF Professional Certification Framework indicates there are separate levels of the MEF Network Expert designation. Tell me more!

We know that some networking experts love to learn and want to excel in their career. As MEF makes new certifications, or recognizes certifications in the Framework from other organizations, there will be ways to indicate progress.


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