MEF-CECP Overview

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The MEF's Professional Certification program identifies the industry's leading professionals and showcases expertise and excellence in technological knowledge and understanding of Carrier Ethernet service specifications and definitions.

The MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) Program

The MEF-CECP Program was created to recognize those same leadership qualities in the many people within those companies who design, sell, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet services and products their companies provide. 

A team of recognized Carrier Ethernet industry leaders and leading subject matter experts developed the MEF-CECP to identify the Carrier Ethernet expertise within your organization. It is the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification program and demonstrates that the professionals who have passed this rigorous certification have acquired the key competency and skills to design, market, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet equipment, networks, and services that represent the next generation of telecommunications technology.  ...

The MEF-CECP certification has become a vital component of an organization’s competitive profile and showcases a company’s commitment to providing the most qualified professionals in the Carrier Ethernet industry to back their products and services. Many companies are incorporating the MEF-CECP certification into their career development programs, and growing their organizations with new professionals who have already earned the MEF-CECP.

The MEF-CECP is a technical certification that recognizes the Carrier Ethernet expertise in professionals from a cross section of job functions including Product Management, Sales Engineering, Product Development, Network Engineering, Network Architecture, Product Support and Network Operations.

The MEF-CECP exam is updated at regular intervals and provides the following benefits to corporations and individuals:

MEF-CECP Certification Benefits for Corporations
  • Provide the necessary knowledge and skill base to seamlessly enter the Carrier Ethernet Community
  • Increase productivity by enabling employees to use well-defined MEF terms to accurately describe and position their company’s service and equipment
  • Reduce product development time and eliminate errors in translating required features specifications

  • Increase revenue through improved communications on how product features deliver or enhance service and equipment
  • Improve communication between internal organizational teams with a defined common language
  • Instill employee confidence with an industry-respected accreditation that recognizes valuable Carrier Ethernet experience, knowledge and skill sets
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Eliminate the need to learn 3rd party product details by focusing on industry-wide technology, terminology and concepts


5,889 MEF Certified Professionals

438 Employer Organizations in 85 Countries

The MEF's Fastest Growing Program

The five-fold increase in the number of MEF-CECPs in the last 24 months is a testimony to the success of Carrier Ethernet's record-setting growth.

MEF-CECP Certification Benefits for Individuals
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement and increased earnings
  • Demonstrate knowledge, experience and competency, validated through certification, to employers and the industry
  • Join an elite set of professionals and thought leaders who have proven expertise in Carrier Ethernet
  • Demonstrate commitment to professional development, and overall dedication to the industry
  • Gain significant contacts through networking
  • Demonstrate technical prowess leading to increased on-the-job performance

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