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The MEF Carrier Ethernet Certification Program is a vendor neutral, technical certification recognizing Carrier Ethernet (CE) expertise in professionals from a cross section of job functions including Sales Engineering, Product Management, Product Development, Network Engineering, Network Architecture, Product Support and Network Operations.

Introduction to MEF-CECP

In 2017, the global CE services market exceeded $US80B in services and technologies, the fastest growing wireline service over the past decades. Analysts are predicting accelerating growth for CE services over the coming years, enabled by the need for greater speed and performance and the shift from static to dynamic, on-demand services.  New generations of on-demand, layer 2 services are being enabled by the proliferation of SDN and NFV based networks.

When coupled with comprehensive Carrier Ethernet training by MEF-Accredited Training Providers and evolving with MEF 3.0, MEF-CECP becomes an important skills enabler for Ethernet service providers, business consumers, and enabling technology solution providers.

MEF 3.0 and MEF-CECP

Introduction to MEF 3.0

Launched in 2017, MEF 3.0 is a transformational global services framework for defining, delivering, and certifying agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. MEF 3.0 blends sophisticated, standardized services with an emerging suite of LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) APIs to provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities.

How Does MEF-CECP Relate to MEF 3.0?

MEF-CECP is the technical certification related to MEF 3.0 layer 2, dynamic Carrier Ethernet services. The MEF-CECP exam is current to MEF 3.0 CE R1. Questions and responses developed by qualified subject matter experts. vetted through professional psychometric analytic processes resulting in exam blueprints unique to each major exam release. The following diagram illustrate the major releases and associated exam blueprints:

MEF will continue to evolve the MEF-CECP exam as new releases of MEF 3.0 CE become available. Existing MEF-CECP professionals are encouraged to take advantage of MEF re-certification opportunities to remain technically current and differentiated as they contribute to the accelerating transformation to the digital economy. CE, along with technologies such as SDN, NFV, LSO are important building blocks in the development of dynamic services across automated networks.

MEF-CECP and the MEF Professional Certification Framework

MEF-CECP is positioned as a professional level, specialization certification within the MEF Professional Certification Framework.  Earning three certifications within the MEF Professional Certification Framework including: MEF-NF, MEF-CECP and MEF-SDN/NFV, earns industry professionals the coveted MEF NETWORK (MEF-NE) EXPERT status.  

Preferred Candidates and Companies

As a technical certification, preferred network professionals for MEF-CECP include:

  • Sales Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Product Development
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Architecture
  • Product Support
  • Network Operations
  • Technically oriented Sales and Marketing professionals

Companies to benefit by training and certifying their employees as MEF-CECPs include:

  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs) of all Tiers
  • Technology solution providers for network services
  • Large enterprise consumers of Ethernet Business Services
  • System Integrators and Consultants supporting CSPs

MEF-CECP Benefits:

MEF-CECP Benefits for Individuals

  • Recognize your vendor-neutral CE skills globally and expand your career opportunities as industry stakeholders develop, deliver and consume new generations of dynamic services across automated networks.
  • Be out front and align your competencies with MEF 3.0, the transformational global services framework is gaining momentum supported by major operators and technology providers alike.
  • Connect to the global MEF Community having 200+ member companies and 6000+ certified professionals in 85 countries.

The following diagram illustrates current MEF-CECPs to their job functions:

MEF-CECP Benefits for Companies

  • CSPs: Acquire the CE depth across the organization needed to develop, sell and deliver dynamic, orchestrated services to business customers and to conduct wholesale, inter-carrier transactions.
  • Enterprises: Be a technically informed buyer of services, leveraging available service features, to driving network efficiencies and lower costs.
  • Technology Suppliers, Consultants and Integrators: Position your company to win CE-related business with certified skills and improve your marketing message.
  • All: Help recruit and retain the best and the brightest by offering the valuable, globally recognized MEF training and certifications.

MEF-CECP Exam Information

  • Description: MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional
  • Title: MEF-CECP (Blueprint D)
  • Questions: 80 questions in 105 minutes and a pass score of 65%
  • Delivery: Electronically via secure login, on-site or remote proctored by qualified proctor
  • Language: English only
  • Credential Awarded: MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) upon passing the exam by 65% or higher. Valid for 3 years
  • Learning Domains (Topics) Covered:
    • Services and attributes
    • Class of Service and Traffic Management
    • Service OAM
    • Infrastructure, Operations, and Applications
    • and Ethernet, MEF Basics, and MEF Certification
  • Re-Certification:  Within three years of certification, prior to certificate expiration

Training, Self-Study and Costs

MEF Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATP’s) offer training course and certification exams on a global basis. Click here for a list of MEF-ATPs and additional information. Over 90% of MEF Certified Professionals were formally trained by MEF-ATPs before taking the exam.

Self-study is available to anyone and recommended for those with multiple years of direct hands-on Carrier Ethernet services experience. Self-study sources include the MEF-CECP Exam Blueprint and self-study options available through MEF-ATPs.

Cost for this MEF Professional Certification Exam is only US$420.00.   Re-take attempts (two within 6 months of first exam) are $100 each.  Re-certification is required every three years at a cost of $300.  Individual MEF-ATP's may bundle exam prices with training costs.

Candidate Recognition

Getting Started

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