MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Detailed Overview

MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) Professional CertificationThe MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional is the first vendor neutral, ISO-level exam that validates individual knowledge and skills in the planning, building and operating domains of SDN and NFV based networks.

The exam is expertly designed to certify real-world, technical skills of SDN and NFV professionals employed by communications and cloud service providers, technology solutions providers and large enterprises.


The MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional is a new, vendor-neutral certification for today's modern, software-centric network world, MEF-SNCP SDN/NFV Certified Professional validates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, deploy, and operate a complete range of solutions in the highly-related SDN & NFV technologies.  These are precisely the skills that are companies seeking for empowering today's software-driven advanced networks. In order to create this certification, experts around the world from both MEF and partner organizations gathered to identify the key skills required to thrive in these technical domains, the result of which is the first comprehensive accreditation or technical competence in SDN and NFV.

MEF-SNCP and the MEF Professional Certification Framework

MEF-SNCP is positioned as a professional level, specialization certification within the MEF Professional Certification Framework.  Earning two professional-level certifications within the MEF Professional Certification Framework including: MEF-SDCP (SD-WAN), MEF-CECP (Carrier Ethernet) and MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV), earns industry professionals the coveted MEF NETWORK EXPERT status.

This certification exam presupposes foundational knowledge in networking practices, which can be validated by the introductory, concept-level MEF Networking Foundations (MEF-NF) certification exam.

Candidates and Companies That Should Consider MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV)

Technical network professionals involved in any or all aspects of advanced network and service planning, design, implementation, technical sales and operations are all candidates for MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) including:

  • Network Strategy Professionals
  • Network Architects and Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Technical Sales and Pre-sales Engineers
  • Product and Service Support Technicians
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Standards Specialists
  • Network/System Consultants and Integrators
  • Network Operations and Support Staff
  • Technical Trainers

Companies to benefit by training and certifying their employees to MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) include:

  • Communications and Cloud Service Providers planning software-defined and virtualized networks and services
  • Large Enterprises with digital transformation strategies
  • Technology Solution Providers with software-defined and virtualized capabilities
  • System Integrators and Consultants delivering automated, virtualized, multi-vendor solutions to enterprises and SPs

MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) Certification Benefits

Benefits to Individuals
  • Showcase your vendor-neutral SDN/NFV certified skills globally as SDN & NFV continue as the hottest areas of networking technologies today
  • In this rapidly evolving digital, network-centric economy, differentiate your skills from peers who do not embrace this rate of change
  • SDN & NFV are skills that are in the highest demand by employers today - enhance your career opportunities internally and externally
  • A direct connection to the global MEF Community having 200+ member companies and 8000+ certified professionals in 85+ countries and 500+ employer organizations.

Benefits to Companies

  • Transition your work force from legacy to leading edge - MEF-ATPs are offering training and certification bundles to take you SDN and NFV professionals to another level
  • Evaluate and validate your existing SME capabilities - certify and if necessary, update skills with the necessary training
  • Attract the best and the brightest by offering MEF training and certifications
  • Improve candidate screening and differentiation: MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) is a technically challenging exam that speaks volumes to the capabilities of the certified professional

Exam Topics:

The MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) exam tests for expertise in the domains of planning, building and operating SDN and NFV based networks. Candidates capable of passing the exam should:

At the conceptual level be able to:

  • Create conceptual-level designs for SDN and/or NFV solutions (independent of technology).
  • Explain the various SDN frameworks
  • Explain how SDN and NFV complement and reinforce each other
  • Identify the various components in a SDN/NFV system
  • Explain the interfaces and functionality of SDN and NFV components
  • Explain the concept of a service chain
  • Determine required controller functionality against specific service requirements
  • Select products for networking services based on the business requirements using SDN/NFV

And in real life situations should be expected to:

  • Select an SDN and NFV ecosystem based on the functional requirements of the services each will carry
  • Implement an SDN/NFV solution, including controller selection and installation service a service chain
  • Integrate a new network element/network function into a SDN/NFV domain
  • Troubleshoot SDN/NFV technologies when they break or are misconfigured
  • Capacity planning/dimensioning/scale in and scale out of network functions and SDN controllers
Please see the exam highlights and the exam blueprint for more exam information

Training, Self-Study and Costs

MEF Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATP’s) offer training course and certification exams on a global basis. Click here for a list of MEF-ATPs and additional information. Over 90% of MEF Certified Professionals were formally trained by MEF-ATPs before taking an exam.

Self-study is available to anyone and recommended only for those with multiple years of direct SDN & NFV experience or for advance preparation for a formal training offered by MEF-ATPs. Self-study sources include the MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) Exam Blueprint and self-study options available through MEF-ATPs.

Cost for this MEF Professional Certification Exam is only US$420.00 (Bulk quantity corporate or regional pricing may be available). Re-take attempts (two within 6 months of first exam) are $100 each. Re-certification is required every three years at a cost of $300. Individual MEF-ATP's may bundle exam prices with training costs. Registered exams are valid for six months from the registration date. Registration extensions are an available option.

Candidate Recognition

Getting Started

Begin your journey and become a globally recognized MEF-SNCP (SDN/NFV) professional:

  • If you already have foundation knowledge of SDN/NFV the exam blueprint is a primary reference. In that blueprint are key areas of study including reference materials.
  • If you are not familiar with these technologies, the MEF Network Foundations (MEF-NF) training and exam is the place to start in addition to the MEF- SDN/NFV blueprint. Training providers are listed in the Education and Training resources on this site

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  • The training and certification I took gives me confidence performing my job.
  • My colleagues respect my opinion now that I've achieved certification.
  • The training and certification has enable me to make better decisions and speak more authoritatively.
  • Now that I achieved certification, I've become a bit of the go-to person for network-related issues.
  • The training I received has enabled me to be more effective at finding solutions, and the certification is proof of my knowledge on this topic.
  • MEF is leading the way in defining the SD-WAN services and creating a unified language for its design and implementation – and the only way to learn this language is to have the MEF-SDCP Certification.
  • A benefit of the certification is that it is vendor neutral, so it gives me the ability to plan, operate and deploy a wide range of SDN solutions over my professional career.
  • The continuous technological evolution of SD-WAN led me to pursue MEF training and certifications. Understanding the very basics of the technology up to the advanced level is critical to adopting the MEF global standards and service framework in our SD-WAN product offering.

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